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Anthony’s Story

Anthony R. Thomas lived his early years feeling like he had no voice. It was hard for him to believe he had anything valuable to offer, and often wondered if he ever would. Anthony began his journey feeling inadequate, without confidence, and uncertain of what his future held. The transformation began when others shared their impactful encounters with Anthony as a gifted speaker. Despite the self-doubt, he was loved as a natural friend, mentor, and educator. Anthony grew in his gifts and began to offer his words of guidance in ways he had never dreamed of. As a public speaker, pastor, and counselor, finally, Anthony realized his purpose. He could now see clearly that his gift touched everyone around him. With a knack for making life’s mysteries easy to understand and inspiring audiences to create more fruitful realities of their own, Anthony’s voice is one that is not forgotten

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Keynote Speaker: Take your conference or retreat to the next level with faith-based teaching on everything pertaining to life, relational health, and general wellness.

Empowerment Workshops: Anthony gives audiences the tools they need to thrive in any environment. Liven up your workshop with exercises that help you with trust, team building, and healthy communication.

Guest Preaching As a Pastor, Anthony gives congregations practical and palatable sermons to arm God’s people with the principles they need to live prosperous lives.

Mentorship: If you’re looking for guidance and wisdom on your life journey, reach out to Anthony for mentorship opportunities.

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“People will follow you because you have grown as life has happened…keep living.”

– Anthony R. Thomas Follow Anthony